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Precast steps and step treads are perfect for mobile homes, porches, docks, and more. Customize your steps! Available options are 1 to 3 steps in 36″ or 48″ wide and 4 to 5 steps in 48″ wide. You can also add up to 48″ of extra landing.

1 Step 36"
12" x 36" x 7"
2 Step 36"
24" x 36" x 14"
2 Step 48"
24" x 48" x 14"
3 Step 36"
36" x 36" x 21"
3 step 48 inch
Multiple Steps
48" wide, 12" tread, 7" step
Step Treads
48" wide, 12" or 16" tread
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Lawn Protection

Protect your lawn from pesky drivers who cut into your grass by using our concrete mushroom markers.

Save your sprinkler system from the lawn mower and weed cutter with our different sizes of sprinkler guards.

18" Splashblock
24" Splashblock
30" Splashblock
Sprinkler Guards
2", 3". 4" diameters
Mushroom Markers
7" and 12.5" concrete mushrooms with metal stake
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Parking Stops

Add a more permanent or official parking area with our precast car stops and bicycle stands.

Car Stop
3' and 6', pins included
Bicycle Stand
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Garden Tools

We have a large selection of different garden tools and supplies for your landscape needs. From Weed Block to fish food for your koi pond, Bayshore Concrete has the materials you need to complete and maintain your landscape project.

Polybind Complete
Oxford Grey or Nevada Tan
Weed Killer
Ground Staples
Sold in 25 piece bundles or by box
Weed Mats
Visqueen and Weedstop
Portland Cement
Garden Gloves
Block Adhesive
Garden Tools
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