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  • This attention grabbing indoor pond was built using only products from our store. We have everything you need to build your very own stunning water features. This particular pond features one waterfall (far right) and one bubbler (far left).

    Several different types of natural stone were used in creating this masterpiece, namely Huck Finn boulders, Caribbean Sunset boulders, and Great Lake Flats. Additionally, Polished Bengal Beach Pebbles were used as accents in and around the pond. For extra flair, add a unique mural or plants (not available at Bayshore Concrete).

    Read more about Natural Stone and Pond Supplies. Watch a video.

  • One customer decided to be a little creative using our Cumbria wall blocks and caps. While the typical lanai is completely screened in, this customer wanted to change it up a bit.


    Using Cumbria Cappuccino wall blocks and caps, they built a small wall surrounding their lanai and screened the remaining open space. The result is a unique, personalized style that adds a little more privacy to your lanai without taking away too much of the great view.


    Read more about Cumbria and other wall blocks.

  • This beautiful fireplace is completely done using our Yorkshire wall blocks. Fireplaces add a cozy, homey touch to any space. If you decide to make your own fireplace using any of our products, please be aware that our bricks are not fire rated and will crack under extreme heat. Always take precaution and use a metal insert to protect your bricks.


    Learn more about Yorkshire Walls. Bayshore Concrete also carries both square and circle fire pit kits, read more about them here.

  • Our in-store showroom displays various style ideas to spur your creative process. We like to change it up every once in a while, but at the moment we have one area that's desert themed.

    This display was made using our concrete statuary and Mirabella fountain in combination with several of our decorative rocks, specifically (from top to bottom): Strawberry Nuggets, Crimson, Lava, Stone Bark, and Green Granite (used for the cactus), and bordered by our Yorkshire Mini wall blocks in Carolina.

    Read more about Strawberry Nuggets and Green Granite; Crimson, Lava, and Stone Bark; Yorkshire Mini wall blocks.

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