• Accent Boulders

  • Our natural boulders are mined all around the U.S. Sizes, colors, and stock vary. Typical size classes range from small 6″ boulders to large two-man boulders. Come into our store and select your own beautiful pieces. Boulders are priced by weight.

    Click on an image to enlarge; a slideshow will automatically begin. You can navigate the photo gallery using your arrow keys or the white arrows at the bottom-left and sides of the screen. The slideshow can be paused at any time by pressing the pause button. Exit the enlarged view by pressing the Esc key, the white X below the picture, or clicking outside the image.



    Note: All natural stone products are sold by the pound. Given the variation in natural products, there is no formula available to calculate how many pieces or pounds of a stone you would need to complete any project. Please come visit our store to view our currently stocked products.


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