• Natural Stone

  • All of our Natural Stone products are sold by the pound in our store. Bayshore Concrete has the largest selection of natural stone in all of Southwest Florida. Since we have such a large selection, we encourage you to come to our yard to have a look at our complete available collection.

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    Why place a huge boulder in your landscape? Boulders can act as a focal point in your design that draws attention to a certain area of your landscape or just add an accent. You can also use them as a way to border pathways or garden beds.




    Pebbles are perfect for filling in pots, planters, and beds. Both pebbles and cobbles can be used to create beautiful accents or dry creek beds.





    Build pathways that have an all-natural appearance with flagging and garden path pathway stones. Use wall stones for just that, making walls, or other building projects such as ponds and waterfalls.



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