• Natural Rock, Boulders, and Sand

    Decorative Rock

    Decorative rock will help create a unique patio or pathway, brighten your landscape, or add beautiful accents to your garden beds. There is no limit to the wonderful designs that you can create with our large selection of various colors, shapes, and sizes.

    Imported Rocks & Glass

    These imported materials are brought in all the way from Europe. They are perfect for adding vibrant accents to your garden or landscape.

    Local Rock, Sand, Soil, & Shell

    These local materials are mined right here in Southwest Florida. Local Rock, Sand, Soil, and Shells work for both landscaping and utility purposes. Use materials such as Base Rock and Screenings for underneath a paver driveway or stepping stone patio. Washed shells and sand can give your landscape a backyard-beach look.

    Natural Stone

    Get your landscape looking all-natural by using flagstone to create a pathway or patio. Wall stone, besides being used for walls, also makes a great edging for around your plant beds. Natural stone is the key to building a realistically natural pond and can also make aquariums look unique.


    Garden Tools

    Bayshore Concrete has a wide array of garden tools needed for landscaping that are suitable for the D.I.Y. homeowner and landscaper alike.

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