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  • Every home needs a little TLC to keep it looking great. Our precast concrete products are perfect for protecting and maintaining both your home and garden.

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    Our precast concrete splash blocks are a long lasting solution to catching and redirecting the excess water from your down-spouts and are available in different sizes.





    Protect your lawn from pesky drivers who seem to always cut into your grass by using our concrete mushroom markers.

    Save your sprinkler system from the lawn mower and weed cutter with our different sizes of sprinkler guards.



    Precast steps and step treads are perfect for mobile homes, porches, docks, and more. Customize your steps! Available options are 1 to 3 steps in 36" or 48" wide and 4 to 5 steps in 48" wide. You can also add up to 48" of extra landing.



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