• Cumbria Wall

  • The Cumbria wall blocks offer many unique characteristics which make them one of the most versatile wall blocks. Each Cumbria block has two decorative faces, allowing you to build a free standing wall that looks great from both sides. All Cumbria blocks come in sets of three blocks each, featuring different sizes to add a little variation to your wall. In addition to the wall blocks, Cumbria also has corner pieces that can be used to make corners and columns for added definition to your project. Lastly, our Cumbria walls and corners employ a unique connector system that allows the blocks to be stacked in many ways, including: vertical, recessed, and inclined as well as the option to build straight or curved walls. Wall caps are available to match each of the 6 different colors.

    Please take advantage of our installation and connector guides when building your retaining wall. Use the links below to download or view them in your browser:

    Click on an image to enlarge; a slideshow will automatically begin. You can navigate the photo gallery using your arrow keys or the white arrows at the bottom-left and sides of the screen. The slideshow can be paused at any time by pressing the pause button. Exit the enlarged view by pressing the Esc key, the white X below the picture, or clicking outside the image.

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