• Wall Blocks

  • Whatever wall you're dreaming of building, Bayshore Concrete has a wide and versatile selection of different wall blocks to turn those dreams of yours into a reality.

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    Our Baystone retaining wall blocks can create both straight and curved walls as well as be used in many other projects including, but not limited to, stairs, raised patios, and outdoor fireplaces. Their uniform size gives the finished product a clean cut appearance when topped with matching wall caps.



    Our new, innovative Cumbria wall employs a unique connector system in combination with double-faced block sets of three different sizes to provide you with one of the most versatile wall blocks. Inclined, vertical, straight, curved, columns, and corners all with Cumbria wall blocks. Top with matching wall caps for a finished look.



    Yorkshire tumbled blocks are best for creating a wall with a unique chiseled look which compliments outdoor areas nicely. Available in three different sizes to allow variation in your finished wall.


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