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  • Bayshore Concrete and Landscape Materials has the supplies you may need for your project, big or small. Whether you're building a pathway or patio, a retaining wall, or just looking to add some character to your landscaping, Bayshore Concrete is here to help. We understand that you may not have the capability of taking our products home yourself; that's why we offer curbside delivery services.

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  • Our extensive selection of natural stone, decorative rock, and landscape accent boulders will help you complete the perfect landscape. Our decorative rock goes well in garden beds or accent areas of your landscape. With our natural stone, you can create beautiful natural patios, pathways, or walls. Finally, accent boulders are the finishing touch to a well-balanced and attractive landscape.

    We also carry a wide variety of local rock and sand to help you complete your landscape, create a driveway or patio, and more.


    Nothing says peace, tranquility, and elegance quite like a water feature. Adding water to your landscape brings a calming effect to your design while also adding a hint of flair. Our wide selection means you can find just the fountain or spitter you were looking for. If you're more on the extravagant side, build your own pond and waterfall features using our pumps, filters, lighting, and other pond supplies.



    Make a statement by placing a birdbath, statue, ornamental table or bench in your landscape. Our concrete ornamental pieces can be coordinated with each other and your designs can give you an amazing landscape that doubles as an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.


    We're happy to say we now carry decorative concrete mailboxes!

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