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    On this page you can find some FAQ for our website and products. If you didn’t find the answer to your question, you can always call or email us.

    How do I know how much rock I need?

    Have you tried our online calculator? If you know your length, width, and depth then we can figure out the amount of material for you. No problem!

    How many pavers/stepping stones/bricks/edging do I need for my project?

    We don’t currently have an online calculator available for these materials. If you’re looking for pavers for a driveway or patio, visit our sister company’s website: TriCircle Pavers. Otherwise, you can call or email us and we can assist you with your calculations.

    How much natural stone do I need to build my patio/pathway/wall/other?

    Since natural stone is so irregular and every piece is different, there really is no good formula to calculate how much you need. You may want to consult a professional landscaper or feel it out on your own as you go.

    Do you deliver and install your products?

    We do deliver, but installation is not provided by our company. However, if you need assistance and don’t have anyone to help, we can provide you with recommendations. Please contact us for more information.

    I can’t find what I’m looking for.

    Try using the website search bar at the top of the screen. Use a simplified description of what you want. For example, if you want to find a specific statue but nothing comes up in the Search Results; try just typing statue and taking a look at the galleries that come up in the results. If you’re still having trouble, please call or email us.

    How do I use the photo gallery?

    To open the photo gallery, simply click on a picture that you want to see. The title of the image appears in the upper left of the screen and below the picture is the title and a brief description.

    A slideshow of the complete gallery will start automatically after you click on an image, but you can stop it by pressing the pause button in the lower left-hand corner below the picture. After you pause the slideshow, you can restart it using the same button or navigate the gallery on your own.

    There are many ways you can navigate the gallery. You can use the arrow buttons next to the play/pause button at the bottom of the image or the arrow buttons that appear when you hover your mouse over the sides of the picture. You can also use the arrows on your keyboard.

    To close the gallery, simply click the X button in the lower right-hand corner below the picture, press the Esc button on your keyboard, or click anywhere outside of the picture box.

    Use the sample gallery to the right to practice.

    Sample Gallery


    The rock on the website and the rock I bought look different.

    Our website pictures are done so that we can show you the true colors of our decorative rock. These samples (and the ones in our store showroom) have been rinsed and dried before the pictures were taken. If you just picked up some rock or had it delivered, be sure to rinse it after you spread it. Once it has dried, the color will look the similar to our samples on the website and in-store.

    Also keep in mind that all of our rocks and sands are mined naturally from around the U.S. Another factor that may contribute to your rock looking slightly different is that veins and quarries can become exhausted, nonviable, or closed down. In these cases, our supply has to come from somewhere else and as a result may change in color and/or size.

    How do I clean mold/rust from concrete?

    Removing mold from concrete is a simple matter. Mix equal amounts of bleach and water and apply it to your concrete. Leave it to dry in the sun (if you can), then wash it off. You could also try a pressure washer on unstained, unpainted concrete. Do not pressure wash painted or stained concrete.

    Getting rid of rust is a little more difficult. Watch the video from TriCircle Pavers to the right for How-To instructions. For large or tough stains, you’ll need a cleaner that contains oxalic acid and a brush; for smaller stains or delicate surfaces (paints or stains) you can try using diluted vinegar or lemon juice with a sponge. Rinse the concrete with cool water before and after cleaning.

    Efflorescence, a white haze or powder, is a natural occurrence in all concrete products. It will disappear with time (about 18 to 24 months), but if you want to remove it sooner there are cleaners available at hardware stores to remove it.


    Can I paint or stain concrete?

    You can paint any concrete using a concrete paint and sealer, but it’s not very permanent and is liable to start chipping and peeling after a relatively short amount of time (especially if constantly exposed to the weather). Stain is a more permanent color to apply to your concrete, but concrete can only be stained in one color. After a stain has been applied to concrete (and the concrete has never been sealed), any other stain that is applied must be the same color or something darker. Apply paints or stains in multiple stages, adding only a light coating at a time to be sure you get exactly the look you want.

    If you purchase a statue, birdbath, fountain, or other decorative product from us it is likely already stained. No worries though! If you really have your heart set on a particular statue with a certain color stain that we don’t have in stock, we can special order a differently stained statue from our catalogs. We do not sell concrete stains or paints.

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